Rules and Regulations

Please consult Neuroscience Program Requirements for extensive information on rules and regulations.

University Policy:

A student who fails to meet UCLA Grad Division’s Doctoral Degree requirements may be recommended for termination of graduate study. A graduate student may be disqualified from continuing in the graduate program for a variety of reasons. The most common is failure to maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average (3.00) required by the Academic Senate to remain in good standing (some programs require a higher grade point average). Other examples include failure of examinations, lack of timely progress toward the degree and poor performance in core courses. Probationary students (those with cumulative grade point averages below 3.00) are subject to immediate dismissal upon the recommendation of their department. University guidelines governing termination of graduate students, including the appeal procedure, are outlined in Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA.

NSIDP Policy:

A student must receive at least a B- in each core course or repeat the course. A student who receives three B- grades in the core courses, fails all or part of the written or oral qualifying examinations two times, or who fails to maintain minimum progress may be recommended for termination by vote of the entire interdepartmental degree committee. (If the student fails all or part of the written qualifying examination the Written Qualifying Examination Committee determines the form of reexamination.) A student may appeal a recommendation for termination in writing to the interdepartmental degree committee and may personally present additional or mitigating information to the committee, in person or in writing.