Neurogenetics brings to bear the powerful tools of modern genetics and genomics to some of the most important and fascinating problems in all of biomedical sciences. UCLA is widely recognized as one of the leading centers of neurogenetics research. The breadth of the neurogenetics research program is extraordinary, ranging from investigations of invertebrate model systems within single laboratories to trans-disciplinary collaborative programs focused on complex human phenotypes, in the Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics. The Neurogenetics FAR is built around a well-established training structure and NIH-funded joint predoctoral and postdoctoral training programs in Neurobehavioral Genetics. These training programs exemplify the signature focus of the FAR; using genetics to integrate “neuro” and “behavioral” approaches to neuroscience investigation, with a particular emphasis on phenotyping of the nervous system-across systems from flies to humans-as a distinct scientific endeavor. Current faculty within the NIH-funded training programs represent a wide diversity of research interests and provide a broad range of opportunities for students. There is already an enormous level of interaction between faculty in the program, and this is enhanced by a yearly retreat, bi-monthly seminar series and a flexible core curriculum tailored to individual student backgrounds.

List of Faculty:

Akin, Orkun Role of neural activity in brain development and synapse formation
Arnold, Arthur Sexual Differentiation of the Brain
Balliu, Brunilda Genetic basis of neuropsychiatric traits in humans.
Bearden, Carrie Neurodevelopmental Disorders; Cognition, Neuroimaging and Genetics of Mood Disorders and Psychosis
Bilder, Robert Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging
Black, Douglas Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Neurons
Bookheimer, Susan Functional Neuroimaging of Language and Memory
Butler, Samantha Generating and regenerating neural circuitry in the spinal cord
Correa, Stephanie Neural control of energy homeostasis, estrogen signaling, neuroendocrinology
Daboussi, Lydia Mechanisms of Plasticity for Neural Repair
Dapretto, Mirella Neuroimaging/imaging genetics of language and social cognition in typical and atypical development (emphasis on adolescence and autism spectrum disorders); cultural neuroscience
de la Torre-Ubieta, Luis Mechanisms of human neocortical development and neuropsychiatric disease using neural stem cell models and bioinformatic approaches.
DeNardo, Laura Assembly and function of neural circuits underlying adaptive behaviors
Deters, Kacie Risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia in Black individuals
Donlea, Jeffrey M. Sleep regulation, learning and memory
Flint, Jonathan Genetic basis of anxiety and depression in animal models and in humans
Fogel, Brent Exploring the Molecular Basis of Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disease
Freimer, Nelson Identifying Genes that Contribute to Predisposition to Complex Human Phenotypes
Geschwind, Daniel Neurogenetics, Systems Biology of Neurodevelopmental (e.g. Autism) and Neurodegenerative Disorders (Dementia and Ataxia)
Guo, Ming Studying Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Disorders in Drosophila
Hallem, Elissa Olfactory Behavior in Free-living and Parasitic Nematodes
Hernandez, Leanna Psychiatric genetics, neuroimaging, neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., autism, schizophrenia, ADHD)
Hoftman, Gil Understanding psychosis risk using neuroimaging and genetics
Hong, Weizhe Neural Mechanisms of Social Behavior
Hsiao, Elaine Neurobiology of disease, neuroimmunology, microbiome-nervous system interactions
Kaufman, Daniel Therapeutics for diabetes and neurological disease
Krantz, David Using Drosophila to Study Neurotransmitter Transport, Synaptic Transmission, Behavior and Disease
Leuchter, Andrew Neurophysiology of Depression; Neurophysiologic Predictors of Treatment Outcome
Loo, Sandra Gene-Brain-Behavior Pathways in Childhood Psychiatric Disorders
Martin, Kelsey Cell Biology of Learning-related Synaptic Plasticity
Mendizabal, Adys Study of social and structural determinants of health and its impact in neurological outcomes: Health Disparities in Huntington’s Disease and Adverse Childhood Experiences across different neurological conditions
Nathanson, David Research and drug development for malignant brain tumors
Nurmi, Erika Pharmacogenomic factors in treatment of autisim, ADHD, anxiety and depression
Olde Loohuis, Loes The identification of genetic and environmental variables that contribute to the cause and course of psychiatric illness
Ophoff, Roel Human Genetic Studies of Neuropsychiatric Traits
Portera-Cailliau, Carlos Imaging the Assembly and Plasticity of Cortical Circuits with Two Photon Microscopy
Sagasti, Alvaro Development of Complex Cell Shapes in Zebrafish Touch-Sensing Neurons
Silva, Alcino Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Learning and Memory
Smith, Desmond Functional Neurogenomics
White, Stephanie Social Influences on Learning and Memory
Williams, David Retinal Cell Biology, Sensory Neuroscience, Neurodegeneration
Woods, Roger Structural and Functional Brain Imaging
Yang, X. William Mouse Genetic Approach to Study the Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Zhang, Chuchu Neural mechanisms of internal sensations i.e. how we feel inside our body, with a focus on the molecular and circuit mechanisms of nausea.
Zhang, Ye Glia biology in health and disease
Zipursky, Larry S. Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Neuronal Circuit Assembly