Amy Lin

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Hoftman, G., Forsyth, J., Mennigen, E., Lin, A., Sun, D., Vajdi, A., Kushan-Wells, L. and Bearden, C., 2020. Association of Human Supragranular Enriched Gene Expression With Cortical Thickness Patterns in 22q11. 2 Deletion Syndrome. Biological Psychiatry87(9), p.S366.

Lin, A., Vajdi, A., Kushan-Wells, L., Helleman, G., Hansen, L.P., Jonas, R.K., Jalbrzikowski, M., Kingsbury, L., Raznahan, A. and Bearden, C.E., 2020. Reciprocal copy number variations at 22q11. 2 produce distinct and convergent neurobehavioral impairments relevant for schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder. Biological Psychiatry.

Ching, C.R., Gutman, B.A., Sun, D., Villalon Reina, J., Ragothaman, A., Isaev, D., Zavaliangos-Petropulu, A., Lin, A., Jonas, R.K., Kushan, L. and Pacheco-Hansen, L., 2020. Mapping Subcortical Brain Alterations in 22q11. 2 Deletion Syndrome: Effects of Deletion Size and Convergence With Idiopathic Neuropsychiatric Illness. American Journal of Psychiatry, pp.appi-ajp.

Schleifer, C., Lin, A., Kushan, L., Ji, J.L., Yang, G., Bearden, C.E. and Anticevic, A., 2019. Dissociable disruptions in thalamic and hippocampal resting-state functional connectivity in youth with 22q11. 2 deletions. Journal of Neuroscience39(7), pp.1301-1319.

Villalon-Reina, J.E., Martínez, K., Qu, X., Ching, C.R.K., Nir, T., Kothapalli, D., Corbin, C., Sun, D., Lin, A…& Bearden, CE. 2019. Altered White Matter Microstructure in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome: A Multi-Site Tensor Imaging Study. Molecular Psychiatry.

Sun, D., Ching, C.R., Lin, A., Forsyth, J.K., Kushan, L., Vajdi, A., Jalbrzikowski, M., Hansen, L., Villalon-Reina, J.E., Qu, X. and Jonas, R.K., 2018. Large-scale mapping of cortical alterations in 22q11. 2 deletion syndrome: convergence with idiopathic psychosis and effects of deletion size. Molecular psychiatry, pp.1-13.

Lin, A. Ching, C., Vajdi, A., Sun, D., Jonas, RK., Jalbrzikowski, M., Kushan-Wells, L., Pacheco-Hansen, L., Kriokorian, E., Gutman, B., Dokoru, D., Helleman, G., Thompson, P., Bearden, C.E.  2017. Mapping 22q11. 2 Gene Dosage Effects on Brain Morphometry. The Journal of Neuroscience, 3759-16.

Lin A, Vajdi A, Kushan-Wells L, et al. Reciprocal Copy Number Variations at 22q11.2 Produce Distinct and Convergent Neurobehavioral Impairments Relevant for Schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Biol Psychiatry. 2020;88(3):260-272. doi:10.1016/j.biopsych.2019.12.028


T32 Neurogenetics Training Grant

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An integrative approach to linking genes, brain, and behavior in 22q11.2 copy number variations