Student Awards

Student Name Award(s)
Caitlin Aamodt

UCLA Graduate Dean's Scholar Award

T32 Neurobehavioral Genetics Training

NIH NRSA (F31) Fellowship

Kadida Adula

NSF LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship 2015-2016

Erica Arroyo

Neurobehavioral Genetics Training Grant (T32)

Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship

UCLA STEM Competitive Edge Program

Shivan Bonanno

NIH NRSA (F31) Fellowship

Hua Chai

*2013-2015 Jennifer S. Buchwald Graduate Fellowship in Physiology

*2015-2019 NIH NRSA (F30) Fellowship

*2017 Eva Mary Kavan Prize for Excellence in Research on the Brain


David DiTullio

Predoctoral Research Fellowship, American Heart Association 2015-16

Joel Frohlich

Neurobehavioral Genetics T31 Training Grant

Internship - Roche Pharmaceuticals, October 2016

Roni Hazim

UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute Vision Research Training Grant Predoctoral Fellowship

Foundation Fighting Blindness Young Investigator Travel Award 

NIH NRSA (F31) Fellowship

Wendy Herbst

NIH NRSA (F31) Fellowship

ARCS Foundation Fellowship

Donald Julien

ARCS Foundation Fellowship 2014-15

Katherine Lawrence

UCLA Neuroimaging Training Fellowship

NIH NRSA (F31) Fellowship

Natalia Lee

Doris Duke Fellowship for the Promotion of Child Well-Being - seeking innovations to prevent child abuse and neglect

Janelle Liu

Roche/ARCS Foundation Scholar 2014-15

Cassandra Meyer

T32 Neuroendocrinology training grant

Mariel Rios

NSF Competitive EDGE - Summer 2015

Elliot Swartz

Neurobehavioral Genetics Training Grant (T32)

Xuan Tran

*ARCS Scholar 2016-17

*Autism Speaks, Dennis Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellowship 2017-18, 2018-19

Courtney Yaeger

*T32 Neural Microcircuits Training Grant

*ARCS Scholar 2013-14

*ARCS Scholar 2015-16

*NIH NRSA (F31) Fellowship