Career & Alumni

  • Once you have selected a lab and get a solid grasp of your research project, it might be good to start thinking about what you would like to do with your life once you have earned a PhD. The NSIPD strongly supports the notion that obtaining a PhD, while challenging, interesting and exciting, is not in itself a career. We require all students to develop their own Individual Development Plan (IDP) in consultation with their advisor and thesis committee. There are numerous web resources available on how to go about doing this. The one developed by Science and other entities seems particularly helpful: Another site that 
  • The UCLA Career Center is expanding its reach to PhD students and offers many courses in the area of professional development through career fairs and workshops. It really should be called the UCLA Professional Development Center. 
  • The UCLA Business of Science Center offers exciting opportunities to explore your interest and skills in gaining a more entrepreneurially focused understanding of your career. Workshops and hands on courses will enrich your career.
  • The UCLA Graduate Division offers workshops and other professional development events. 
  • The UCLA Graduate Student Research Center offers writing and editing workshops, workshops to help improve your individual development plan, as well as career planning events to help graduate students maximize their efforts in the academic and professional sectors. 
  • You might also want to consider an internship with a company. Many pharmaceutical companies offer internships and postdoctoral opportunites. But there are many other companies offering attractive possibilities, see e.g. microsoft.
  • Alumni of our program have obtained academic positions, are teaching, work in industry and consulting, obtained development positions with the Federal Government, and have started their own companies.

Stay connected!  We’d love to know what our alumni are up to and create an active network where current students have access to the diverse experiences and expertise of our alumni.  Please keep us informed and submit any changes to your contact information and privacy preferences using the online form


Alumnisort descending Faculty Mentor Graduating Year Current Position
Tim Indersmitten O'Dell, T. 2010 Postdoc, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Adam Frank Silva 2015 MD/PHD - Return to Medical School
Albert Han Novitch 2015 MD/PHD - Return to Medical School
Alberto Cruz-Martín Felix Schweizer 2006 Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Boston University
Allan MacKenzie-Graham Toga, A. 2006 Assistant Professor, UCLA
Andrew Thompson Izquierdo, A. 2016 Foreign Affairs Officer- Global Drug Demand Reduction Programs, U.S. Department of State
Andrew Vosko Colwell,C. 2012 Assistant Professor, Rocky Vista University
Angela Marie Rizk- Jackson Poldrack, R. 2010 Analyst, UCSF
Angelica Morales London, E. 2014 Postdoc, UCLA
Anna Parievsky Mike Levine 2015 Electrophysiology Sales Specialist, Harvard Bioscience
April Ho Reese Paul Thompson 2010 CNS Medical Science Liaison, Forest Labs
Ashley Kees Mehta 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Bordeaux
Austin Hilliard Stephanie White 2012 Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University
Brian Jackson Thomas Newton 2008 Associate Attorney with a focus on intellectual property law, with a significant focus on life sciences, Webb Law Firm
Camron D. Bryant, PhD. Chris Evans 2006 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and Psychiatry, Boston University
Che Hutson Chesselet, M. 2009 Scientist, Companion Diagnostics, Dako North America
Cynthia He Portera-Cailliau, C. 2017 MD/PhD - Return to Medical School
David DiTullio Carmichael, S. 2017 MD/PhD - Return to Medical School
Daya Alexander Grant Prins, M. 2015 Brain Education and Outreach Consultant, LoveYourBrain Foundation
Deborah Lee Smith Voskuhl, R. 2007 Unknown
Donna Werling Geschwind, D. 2014 Postdoctoral Scholar - Employee , UCSF
Doris Payer London, E. 2009 Operations Manager, The Beckley Foundation
Dylan Hirsch-Shell Larry Hoffman 2011 Senior Engineer, Tesla Motors, Inc.
Emily Dennis Paul Thompson 2013 Postdoctoral Researcher University of Southern California
Emily L. Jocoy Levine, M. 2009 Associate Study Director, The Jackson Laboratory
Eric Walker Maidment, N. 2006 Lead Data Engineer, Factual Inc.
Esther Nie Carmichael, S. 2016 MD/ PHD- Return to Medical School
Evan Lutkenhoff Cannon, T. 2011 Postdoctoral Scholar, UCLA
Hua Chai Khakh, B. 2017 MD/PhD - Return to Medical School
Jacob Aptekar Frye 2014 MD/PHD - Return to Medical School
Jaehoon Choe Edgerton, V 2014 Postdoctoral Research Scientist, HRL Laboratories, LLC
Jason Moore Mehta, M. 2016 Postdoc UCLA
Jason Stein Thompson, P. 2011 Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Jeffrey Cantle X. Yang 2015 Postdoc/Lecturer
Jeffrey Rudie Dapretto, M. 2012 Resident Physician in Radiology, University of Pennsylvannia
Jennifer Kong Novitch 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, Stanford
Jeremy Miller Geschwind, D. 2011 Scientist II, Allen Institute for Brain Science
Jeremy Miller Daniel Geschwind 2010 Scientist, Allen Institute for Brain Science
Jesse Brown Bookheimer 2013 Postdoctoral Scholar, UCSF
Jesse Cushman Fanselow, M. 2010 Adjunct Assistant Professor/Research Scientist, UCLA
Jessy Dorn Dario Ringach 2003 Second Sight Medical Products, Scientific Director
Jia Liu Otis, T.S. 2016 Consultant, Acsel Health
John Ohab Carmichael, S. 2007 Chief, Communications and Public Liaison, National Human Genome Research Institute
Joseph Glykys Mody, I. 2007 Instructor/Assistant in Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Joshua Johansen Blair, H. 2007 Team Leader/Lab Head, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Kate Wassum Maidment, N. 2010 Assistant Professor, UCLA
Katherine Fehlhaber Sampath, A. 2017 Specialist I- Medical Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Vision
Katherine Myers Gschweng Schweizer, F. 2016 Postdoc, UCLA
Kerri Martinowich Sun,Y. 2006 Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Kostya Bakhurin Masmanidis, S. 2017 Postdoc, Duke University
Kristin McNealy Dapretto, M. 2009 Director, Author Product Strategy & Operations, John Wiley & Sons
Lara Foland-Ross Paul Thompson 2010 Postdoctoral researcher, Stanford University
Libby O'Hare Sowell, E. 2008 Program Officer, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Lili Chigusa Kudo Geschwind, D. 2005 CSO, NeuroInDx, Inc.
Lisa Wu Leif Havton 2012 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge
Lorelei Shoemaker Harley Kornblum/Kym Faull 2006 Research Scientist, Department of Neurosurgery at Stanford
Madeline Andrews Butler, S. 2017 Postdoc, UCSF
Maria Teresa Lazaro Geschwind, D. 2016 Postdoc, UCLA
Marina O Ziehn Voskuhl, R. 2011 Medical Science Liaison, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Martina DeSalvo Martin, K. 2016 Business Development Associate, AMGEN
Mary Kay Lobo Yang, X. 2007 Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Matthew Schreiner Bearden 2015 Data Scientist, Twitter
Meredith Braskie Bookheimer, S. 2006 Assistant Professor of Research, USC
Michael Einstein Golshani, P. 2017 Consultant, Boston Consulting Group
Michael Oldham Daniel Geschwind 2010 Sandler Fellow, UCSF
Michael Oldham Geschwind, D. 2009 Assistant Professor, UCSF
Nanthia Suthana Bookheimer 2009 Assistant Professor, UCLA
Neelroop Parikshak Geschwind 2015 MD/PHD - Return to Medical School
Patrick Chen K. Martin 2016 Postdoctoral Researcher, UCLA
Rachel Jonas Bearden, C. 2017 Scientist, Exponent
Rafael Romero, Jr. David Krantz 2007 Lecturer, UCLA Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology Dept
Ray Luo Otis, T. 2012 Researcher, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Ruyi Huang Lu, D. 2017 Postdoc, UCLA
Ryan Guglietta O'Dell, T. 2016 Science Policy Analyst, Ripple Effect Communications
Ryan Schmidt Martin, K. / Plath, K. 2012 Resident Physician - Clinical Pathology, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Salvatore Torrisi Lori Altshuler 2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health
Sarah Hersman Fanselow, M. 2016 Postdoc, Neurology at Harvard/ BCH (Boston's Children Hospital)
Sarah Madsen Paul Thompson 2013 Medical Communication Manager, Amgen
Shan Huang Alcino, S. 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar, UCLA
Sophie Rengarajan Hallem, E. 2017 MD/PhD - Return to Medical School
Stephen Wilson Iacoboni, M. 2006 Assistant Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, University of Arizona
Supraja Varadarajan Butler, S. 2017 Postdoc, Stanford
Suren Ambegaokar George Jackson 2009 Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and Microbiology, Ohio Wesleyan University
Terry Kelly Harley Kornblum 2006 R&D Manager, Active Motif
Theresa Maria Harrison BookHeimer, S. 2016 Postdoc, UC Berkeley
Thuc Le Fan, G./ Faull, K. 2013 Postdoctoral Reseach, UCLA
Uday Patel Edgerton, V. 2007 Senior Research Scientist, Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.
Valerie Carr Barbara Knowlton 2008 Research Associate, Department of Psychology at Stanford University
Veena Narayan Arthur Toga 2010 Sr. Global Clinical Marketing Manager, Carl Zeiss Meditec
Vlasta Lyles Martin, K. 2006 Instructor, Glendale Community College
Wei Li Feusner 2015 Associate Consultant, ZS Associates
Wei Song Ong Bisley, J. 2012 Postdoc, Duke University
Whitney McDonald Harris 2015 Research Associate, The Scripps Research Institute